Ashley, Hillary, and the OPM – We are from the government, here to help

Let me start by saying I’m a full on patriot. Flag waving, Anthem signing, lover of America. So before you able me as someone against the government stopping terrorist do on thing- STOP IT. The info security wold is abuzz with the latest breach- Ashley Madison, and I hope that you, dear reader are not on that list. But even before the latest embarrassing disclosure, government officials were calling for backdoors into crypto software. Trying to include a method to “see” into private conversations, and secure networks. And of course, these backdoors will be secure and outside the reach of evil doers. Right….

If any specific entities should be handling security like it is life or death, it is the government and military. It is in many cases a matter of life and death. It is clear that our Cyber Soldiers are fighting a difficult battle; however, the tide of battle can easily be turned by a bad decision. I have no clue, where the truth lies with Hillary Clinton and her magic secured email server. I do understand that there is clearly written policy that spells out how classified items must be handled. She, and her colleagues, decided to circumvent the more secure system.

Hang with me for a bit more here. Besides the magic email server of exceptional security, patched against the dark arts, we have the OPM breach. So many million Americans of all types have had their persona data stolen by China. Really, how much money do they spend on information security? Maybe they should spend more time securing the humans, data, and flogging the users who just don’t get it. It permeates across all levels of government, who is running the asylum?

My Grandmother would not be happy with this next sentence. Only an idiot, moron, imbecile, dipstick ( you get the point) would use their .gov or .mil email address to sign up for the “I’m a Jerk, want to have sex?” site. But many, many did… way more than I would have thought possible. Here we have displayed for everyone to see a data dump of thousands of government \military folks who are either idiots or completely lacking in character. Regardless whether they are idiots or scumbags, they want to get inside our secure communications. Anyone see this being problematic? So we have the government telling us we will protect the backdoors from harm, but they are not even able to protect their current systems. Thanks, Hillary, but I’ll keep my own keys.

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