Behind Blue Eyes

The Who once sang
in their great song Behind Blue Eyes,
“No one knows what it’s like, To be the bad man, To be
the sad man, Behind blue eyes…” I like that song always have. But every once in a while our in-justice system shows how ignorant and
foolish they can be in relation to technology. In one of the latest rulings by
the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, located in San Francisco, CA, they
have clearly setup a legal trap for all US based Internet users. You can more
clearly understand this by going to this site which carries
the summary details. Go ahead click, the site is safe.

Willie Nelson once encouraged mothers across America to, “…
not let you babies grow up to be cowboys, let them be doctors and lawyers and such…”
Maybe he should change that to exclude being part of the Idiot Bench on the 9th

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